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Parrot Asteroid Tablet

Parrot Asteroid Tablet

Parrot Asteroid Tablet

Price (inc.VAT): 169.99


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Parrot Certified Installer
The Parrot Asteroid Tablet is a revolutionary in car solution that offers bluetooth hands free, music connectivity, navigation and the ability to download apps. The Parrot Asteroid Tablet comes with a 5" multi touch display and a wireless remote which gives access to all main functions.

The Parrot Asteroid Tablet has voice recognition for making & receiving calls and also music streaming so you can listen to your favourite tracks on the move.

You can also access the internet on the move with the Parrot Asteroid Tablet, this will allow you to download connected Apps from Google Play or the Asteroid market.

Requires Professional Installation

The Parrot Asteroid Tablet Features
The Parrot Asteroid Tablet is a brilliant bluetooth hands free car kit which also offers music streaming, navigation and internet access. The Parrot Asteroid Tablet comes with a 5" multi touch display which makes the Asteroid Tablet easy to navigate, it will display all information whilst the wireless remote will give access to all main functions.

Parrot Asteroid Tablet

The Parrot Asteroid Tablet will automatically sync your phonebook, initiate calls using voice dialling and will even be able to manage calls on 2 different phones simultaneously. You will be able to stream music through the Parrot Asteroid Tablet via bluetooth or through the iPod lead, USB or SD card. You can search for your favourite tracks via voice commands allowing you to listen to your music whilst allowing for safe driving.

Parrot Asteroid Tablet Music

You can also access the internet on the move with the Parrot Asteroid Tablet, through bluetooth, USB & Wi-Fi tethering, using a 3G/4G USB dongle and through a Wi-Fi access point. This will allow you to download connected Apps from Google Play or the Asteroid market such as the navigation App, in combination with a built in GPS sensor it will take you on the optimal path to your destination.

You can also integrate your steering wheel controls with the Parrot Asteroid Tablet, you will need to purchase the Parrot Unika

Device Functions
• Automatic connection to mobile phone
• Multipoint – allowing the simultaneous connection of 2 mobile phones
• Advanced voice recognition
• Up to 10 paired phones, up to 5,000 contacts per phone
• Music Streaming – voice controlled music search
• Connectivity – internet connection with mobile phone, Bluetooth, USB & Wi-Fi tethering, 3G/4G USB dongle & Wi-Fi Connection Point
• Music apps – internet radio’s, music on demand
• Apps – Download apps from the Asteroid Market & Google Play
• Software Update Via USB Key
• Steering wheel integration with the Parrot Unika

Parrot Asteroid Tablet Internet

Please find the technical spec of the Parrot Asteroid Tablet Below

5.00" Multi touch screen

Remote Control - 63 x 41 x 21mm

Operating System - Plateforme Android™ 2.3, Parrot-specific user interface

Bluetooth v2.1 with EDR

Memory - Flash memory 256mb/2GB NAND & Ram memory 256mb/2GB DDR

Audio - DSP, full duplex, virtual SuperBass 2 & sound Spatializer 2, parametric equalizer with 7 bands, advance noise reduction, echo cancellation & 4x47w MOSFET amplifier - 2 line output & 1 line input

Parrot Asteroid Tablet

What's in the box?
• 1 x Parrot Asteroid Tablet
• 1 x Wireless touchpad remote control
• 1 x iPod/iPhone cable
• 1 x USB to USB cable
• 1 x ISO cable
• 1 x SD Card (4GB)
• 1 x Quick start guide
• 1 x Double external microphone

Parrot Asteroid Tablet

Product information
Product Code: Parrot Asteroid Tablet
Brand: Parrot
Manufacturer Barcode: 3520410010323

Phone Compatibility
Please click on the below link to check the compatibility of your phone with the Parrot Asteroid Tablet.

Parrot Asteroid Tablet phone compatibility
Parrot Asteroid Tablet

Parrot Unika
The Parrot Unika will allow you to integrate your steering wheel controls with the Parrot Asteroid Tablet, click below to check your vehicle compatibility.

Parrot Asteroid Unika compatibility

Parrot Asteroid Market
You can download Apps directly from the Parrot Asteroid Market from your Parrot Asteroid Tablet, click below to view the Apps.

Parrot Asteroid Market

Parrot Asteroid Tablet

Information & support regarding the Parrot Asteroid Tablet

Click here - Parrot Asteroid Tablet Quick Start Guide

Click here - Parrot Asteroid Tablet User Guide

Click here - Parrot Asteroid Tablet App Registration

Supply & Installation Warranty
Our supply and installation of hands free car kits come with a 12 month* on-site warranty covering parts and labour. If the unit develops a warranty fault within that time and needs replacing we come to site and replace with new parts. With a supply and installation of a hands free car kit you will also receive lifetime technical support regardless of whether you are out of the initial year warranty giving you peace of mind on your purchase.

At avrmobiles.co.uk we pride ourselves on our service, we give all customers existing or new the same level of care and attention. If you are unfortunate enough to have an issue with your car kit our highly skilled technical staff will talk you through solutions over the phone, over 85% off issues are solved in this way, if required, a service call out will be booked, a service call is given the same priority as a new hands free car kit installation showing we value all customers.

Supply Only Warranty
A supply only warranty is 12 months* This is a parts only warranty, you will receive technical support for the product however advice in installation can only be given if you purchased an installation from us. This is a replacement service once faulty goods have been received by they will then be replaced.

*Some car kit manufacturer's work under EU rules where they give a two year warranty from date of manufacture. This is not a 2 year warranty from date of purchase, but from the date stamped on the main box of the hands free car kit itself. If you are out of warranty (over 12 months) and you have had a supply and installation of a car kit which you would require a visit for a fault out of warranty, and when we get to site the parts are stamped within the 23 months, then we will still change the parts for free on the manufacturer's that offer this length parts warranty. (only labour would be charged outside of your warranty in this instance). If the manufacturer does not offer this, or the parts are over 23 months then parts would be chargeable also.

Parrot Asteroid Tablet supply only
There are many companies who sell the Parrot Asteroid Tablet Bluetooth car kit. If you search Cheap Asteroid Tablet or cheap Parrot Asteroid Tablet it will bring up many results. Some very appealing, but if it looks too good to be true, then it probably is. We don't mind losing the odd sale to a reputable company, but we do not like losing customers to companies that are not doing well by their customers. The margins are low so we know when prices do not look right.

Occasionally you will need support for your Parrot Asteroid Tablet, it is advised that you buy from a Parrot certified installer, or better still a Parrot Premium installer which we are very proud to be. Make sure the Parrot Asteroid Tablet is UK stock, on latest version software and in the correct and current packaging.

Parrot Asteroid Tablet Installed
For the Parrot Asteroid Tablet installed, you need to be vigilant and shop wisely. Not many customers are made aware that our industry and safety quality is not governed. We believe this is a major floor in the industry as we have seen the damage poor installations have caused over the years, including total write offs of vehicles. On a daily basis we see first hand and reports of dangerous installations, often the public are not aware of just how dangerous a mistake on car electrics can be, it can cause severe malfunctioning of the car and in some cases electrical fires. It is for the retailers to self-certify ourselves and it is extremely important for the customer to fully research the fitting company, we pride ourselves for giving the best service for the lowest price possible. We use the most reputable installers in the industry, and this is why you will find cheaper quotes out there than ourselves but we will not be beaten on quality and service.

So our recommendation is when looking to get the Asteroid Tablet installed, and you see a very cheap installation price to not instantly think 'bargain' but to ask yourself why is it so cheap. Does the company have an address, do they have a land line phone number, do they have good reviews and reputation, are they FCS registered, shop safe registered, are they a Parrot certified installer and a Parrot premium reseller? Is this a company you can trust, do they have office staff to help with technical queries, complaints and problems. Are you only dealing with one person? What happens if you have a complaint against that person?

Parrot Certified Installer

Parrot Asteroid Tablet installed price best value
We strongly believe our price for the Parrot Asteroid Tablet installed is the best value based on price, service, installation calibre, technical support and after sales support. Our prices are low, we may well not be the cheapest (and for good reasons), but we believe we are the best value you can find.

We hope this helps you make the correct choice on your supply and installation of Parrot Asteroid Tablet installers. Be it with us or with another company, we would welcome your business, if we lose it we want to ensure you are in safe hands.

So happy and safe shopping.

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