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Steelmate PTS400QC Wireless Rear Parking Sensor

Steelmate PTS400QC Wireless Rear Parking Sensors - FITTED PRICE

Steelmate PTS400QC Wireless Rear Parking Sensors - FITTED PRICE

Price (inc.VAT): 209.99

Price Includes Installation

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Price includes Product & UK Nationwide on site Installation

The Steelmate PTS400QC is a wireless parking sensor kit with a well designed display unit. with 4 sensors rear only and display alerts this is the perfect wireless solution. The Steelmate 12/24V 4 sensor rear only kit comes with a wireless display and waterproof control box. The PTS400QC includes 4 under bumper sensor housings. The system can be programmed to ignore tow bar or spare wheel. For full spec of the please see the bottom of this page.

Colour Coding available call for details

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Main Features:
Dynamic colorful LED locate the obstacle's position
Wireless display match for all vehicles
Self-testing function
Rear 4 Sensors for full rear coverage
New anti-false alarm patent
All weather design (-40°C~80°C)
Control box can be mounted outside due to waterproof construction

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